Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's Official

We are moving. I tried to tell you yesterday but stupid Blogger was down again. I also tried to tell you slyly in the last post. I've hinted at adventure & spoke of chaos but I couldn't spill the beans until we were totally sure what was happening. Now we know & I am rapidly losing my slippery grasp on what sanity I had left.

Where are we going?


So Calvin can go work for the company you probably can't do without. So that next time Windows pisses you off he can share your pain.

I have so much to do & not much time. We are going out West for a couple of weeks on Sunday, then we're back for a week & that's it. That's it! Unless we don't sell our house. (Hey, wanna buy a house? It's cute.) Then I might be stuck here with the baby & the dog (Hey, wanna buy a dog? Scratch that.... he's free. Seriously.) all by myself until that's all settled. We've had some interest since we put it up a week ago but no offers yet. Fingers crossed please. We've been purging & cleaning the house like mad & packing up stuff that we don't need. It's never been cleaner & it now almost feels like there's nothing to do because I don't want to create a mess that I'll just have to clean up again. So it's almost as though I have nothing to do.

And yet I have no time to read my daily blogs or write in this one. It'll probably be like this for a while yet I'm afraid. The Doodles is keeping me very busy hanging out on the bed playing with her all day long. Seriously. All she wants to do is hang out on our bed rolling around, climbing over me, practicing standing up & sitting. Sometimes she'll let me take her downstairs to stand up at her piano thing & maybe sit in her playpen for 15 minutes so I can watch a little tv while I eat something. She has separation anxiety so bad I can't be out of her sight at any time or the screaming ensues. She wants to be in my arms constantly & yet when I'm holding her she twists & squirms so hard that I'm afraid she'll thrash right out of them onto the floor. Oh ya & she's been sick again with a horrible cold / flu. Fever, sore throat, coughing & now she sounds like a purring cat with the rattle that comes with not being able to hork up some mucus.

So life's enormity is crashing down on me & I'm just trying to keep afloat. I write blog entries in my head that I'm sure you would all love to read. Too bad I can't get to my computer until I'm too exhausted to write coherently, let alone spell properly. All those witty words & deep ponderings on the meaning of starting over in another country fall like a word jumble out of my brain as soon as I start basking in the glow of my laptop. There's so much else to do, like email everyone the news, google rental properties in Seattle, search for Seattle bloggers (call me!), think about looking up mother-baby group things to do once we're there, make lists of all the stuff I want to do here before we go, make arrangements for things like visas, selling the house, the cars (sniff), various things we don't want to take..... this goes on & on. I am making lists in my head when I go to bed. I am so tired but cannot sleep.

I am excited & stressed & full of wonder at what this all will bring. Wish us luck.


Trish said...

I've heard great things about Seattle from people who've lived there.
I think you'll love it.

kdf said...

I am both so happy for and jealous of you! It sounds so exotic to be moving to such an exciting place like Seatle (particularly when you compare it to Ottawa).

I'd buy your house too, but I just saw that we are practically neighbours. I'm on Haig. Funny. We should have gotten our little girls together. And now you're moving...

Hope you sell everything quickly (I'm sure they have Saabs in Seatle, ha!) and you have a wonderful first visit out there.

Maggie said...

Oh dear. You poor thing. And I thought I was a busy here in Jasper with the B&B and little Brynnski. Can't wait to have you here so I don't have to clean as much. I'm sure everything will fall into place.

Her Bad Mother said...

Oh, wow!

Gotta say, I'm kinda sad, because Ottawa isn't so far from TO and we have family there and I really figured that we'd get to meet. But Seattle! Bit far, even with regular Vancouver trips.

But I'm still thrilled for you. Seattle is one of my very favorite cities. You'll love it.

scarbie doll said...

Wow -- I'd better post those books!

Well, if we ever do a West Coast trip (we talk about it all the time) we will have to come and see you. Best of luck and keep us posted.

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