Tuesday, March 07, 2006

No I didn't have a hangover

Sorry about the drunk post pals. You know when you've had a couple of drinks & everything is sooooo funny and then the next day not so much. Well, I still find it amusing but I think this is one of those times when you just had to be there. At least we all now know for sure what a cheap drunk I am. All 15 of you. On a good day. I look at my sitemeter & know how pathetic my numbers are. Not like I try very hard to make them larger because even though I peruse about a trillion websites a day (really, a trillion!) I never really make the effort to comment. And that is apparently the key to making friends out there on the wonderful internets. Commenting is like making conversation for me - hard work. I just end up thinking to myself why bother? Because I'm just going to basically repeat something someone else just said. By the time I figure out something intelligent & original to say someone else has done it for me. Doesn't help that I feel like I've had a lobotomy.

Seriously, my brain just does not work like it used to. The other day it took me about 10 minutes to relate a stupid story that should've really only taken about 2. Words get lost, synapses don't fire and my mouth spits out gobbledygook. It's a constant fight with my gray matter to make things matter. I'm sitting here now staring blankly at my laptop waiting in vain for some spark of genious to take over me & make me start magically typing the next great essay. I feel like Ralph Wiggum from the Simpsons but at least I'm not drooling like my precious little doodles.

The copious amount of drool that my daughter now produces could fill our pool out back. It's really quite gross in a cute slimy kind of way. Everything she sees she tries to grab & put in her mouth so she can rake her gums & tongue along whatever edge she can find. She gave Calvin a hickey on his forearm the other day & anyone who's hand she sucks on is amazed that I'm still breastfeeding. So am I folks. So am I. It's actually going surprisingly well at the moment. It's as though something just sort of clicked for us. There's still quite a bit of pain from the Raynaud's but it's not every time we feed anymore so I can handle it a hell of a lot better now. For those who want to know it sort of feels like having frost nip & yes I get the pun.

Anyway the little monster is squealing with glee in her bassinet so I must go and entertain her until she decides it is time once again to latch on like a barracuda to my fingers or my boobs. Here's some stylin' baby pictures to keep you appeased until next time.

Bored 'n sweet

Guess it won't hurt to smile

I so rock this dress Posted by Picasa


Connie said...

I'd smile too if I had a kick ass dress like that. So very cute ...

Barbie said...

I'm a total lurker! But I read your site at least once a week. I also like the links you have on the side!

Freyja is getting so big and is she ever cute. We'll have to drop by sometime to see her in person again!

Maggie said...

What a cutie pie. Your blogs are great. Keep up the good work. Brynn loves the pictures of Freyja.

Anonymous said...

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