Wednesday, March 08, 2006

4 Months Old!

Where has the time gone?

My little scruncheon Posted by Picasa

Well my little monkey, you are 4 entire months old & I love you like nothing else in this world. You make me laugh everyday & some days you make me cry (sometimes out of love & sometimes out of frustration). Right now you are singing to yourself in the bassinet when you really should be having a nap. Today for a celebration we had a glorious nap together and we both got some much needed sleep all snuggled close to each other while you fed or at least sucked for about 2 & a half hours. Yes, my birthday present to you was to let you have free unlimited boobie access & all the kisses you could handle.

You have grown so much over the past little while though we still aren't too sure how much you weigh. Calvin guesses around 14 pounds when he stands on the scale with you. Me, I'm too scared to stand on that scale so I just look at it with disdain out of the corner of my eye. I'm trying hard to get back into shape but I think I'm going to be one of those gals who won't lose it all until we stop breastfeeding. This week we started going to a Post-Natal Bootcamp at Cyclefit which sounds much scarier than it is. It's a combination of spinning (indoor cycling) & strength exercises with a bosu which is basically one of those yoga balls sliced in half. It's hard for me but it's nice to get back on a bike & you love to watch the wheel spin while I make faces at you from above. I am sore all over & my pelvic bones hate me despite the padding in my cycling shorts but it's probably the most action that area has seen in months.

Things you can do now include laughing hysterically at Daddy when he comes home & makes ridiculous noises at you. You'll laugh at me too & at other stuff like Cookie Monster but no one makes you laugh quite like Calvin so I guess we'll keep him around. You have rolled over a few times both ways but we think it's been mostly by accident because you're not quite consistent with it yet. You'll grab your toes & make it to your side but from there you need a bit of a nudge or some extra motivation to make it onto your belly. You are liking tummy time a bit more now & can hold yourself up pretty well but it makes you really frustrated to not move forward like you want to. I'm sure it will all happen much too soon & then you'll be rolling everywhere so I guess I need to start taking more precautions like changing you on the floor instead of the bed since we don't have an official changing table.

Other things you like are bath time & swimming at the pool. Well, I suppose you can't really call it swimming & you hate it when the water splashes into your mouth by surprise but it seems as though you enjoy the water for the most part. You also love it when I give you a massage & get all excited when you see the blue bottle of oil. You are enamoured with the baby in the mirror & get a good giggle at yourself every morning as you realize you can pat your hands on the surface. Ah, young love, how sweet.

You also love the Jolly Jumper & will bop around like a highland dancer on too much sugar. Must be those Scottish genes acting up. Fun times too are when we hang out downstairs & dance to the Galaxie satellite music stations though I can't decide if you like the 80's or the Rock 'n Roll station the best. At least it's not the Easy Listening one. As for the Icelandic genes I think they come into play with your fascination of the written word. Doesn't matter if it's one of your books, one of mine or even a magazine, you just love to see the black letters against a crisp white page. I'll be feeding you lying down in bed while reading at the same time & once you notice the book you play what I like to call "snack bar". This involves taking a hit off the ol' boob, then rapidly turning your head so you can see the words, having a chat with them & then quickly scraping your turning noggin along a very sensitve area so you can take another hit. When I read you a story you will talk to the pictures especially the ones in Good Night Moon. I think they freak you out. I think they freak me out.

So life is pretty swell and I have you to thank for that doodles. I just hope that I can always keep you safe & happy & not too smelly. Love you forever, mum.


Mags said...

Aww, are you trying to make us all cry? I especially love the part about the snack bar. I can totally picture it. It sounds as though you are lovin' being a mom.
Do you think we should come visit in April?

bunmaster said...

Hell ya! Come and visit me. It would be so much fun. I'll call you later to chat. Woo hoo!

Mom said...

Hi Laura

Can't wait to share some of that little girl with you. I'm planning on booking whatever I can tomorrow a.m. I will update you as soon as I have details confirmed.

Happy 1/3 birthday little one.


Anonymous said...

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