Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Missing out on the Turkey Eatin'

We missed Canadian Thanksgiving because, well, I don't really remember. I think Sugar Daddy was in London for work or something. October was a blur people, a blur.

This weekend the U.S. holiday is upon us & we're headed up to the Great White North. Three hours drive up to the lovely city of Vancouver to hang out with family & friends. To do some shoe shopping with colourful money. To possibly sail on a boat. To enjoy a holiday without the holiday crowds.

To miss out again on turkey, stuffing & pumpkin pie. The turkey & fixins I can wait until Christmas for but damn, I love me some pumpkin pie. They've been sold out at the store every time we go & I'm too lazy / busy to make my own. Maybe there'll be a sale on the leftovers when we get back. Here's me crossing my fingers.

Anyway, have a wonderful Thanksgiving my new American pals & I'll see ya when we get back. Canadians - watch out, here we come.

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