Sunday, May 22, 2005

Soda cans & stroller anxiety

18 weeks & now "your baby is about the size of a can of soda". Where do they come up with these analogies?! At least the bun now has a desirable rounded shape to it versus the rectangular stick o' butter. The belches of firey spasmodic pain have subsided into moderate rumblings a 10 year old boy would be mighty proud of. I'll start practicing the alphabet this week. Good thing I'm now craving Pepsi (shocking for a Coke gal).

Began the quest for the ultimate stroller this week. Apparently I'm insane if I think I can get away with only one. All-terrain versus jogging versus mall crawling versus travelling versus walking on the freaking moon! Just when I think I've found the chosen one, it proceeds to not fit in my teeny tiny cute little car. Back to square one with dumb-ass first time parent questions like how long will a 45 pound limit stroller last? (Do we kick the kid out when they weigh enough, get old enough or just whine enough?) What if we have another child /night of tequilla shooters? Should we get something that'll convert or just realize that we are totally crazy to even begin contemplating this before our first demon child comes forth? Why can't I assume that I will walk everyday, even in the snow? My dog has to take a crap somewhere & it's easier / less smelly in the spring if its not all over the back yard. Am I really relegated to walking in the mall (don't get me wrong, I like shopping, just not that much) with the senior citizens' walking clubs to get some exercise? Argh! It is all so very frustrating & confusing, so I think I'll put off this anxeity for a while & concern myself with the search for the perfect, cheap, safe & plain crib. Also have to come up with a list of questions for the OB & the midwife so we can decide who will be our favorite primary caregiver during this time of bun baking.

No pressure of course.


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